Monday, September 17, 2012

Song of the week: Urvah Khan - Storm Clouds

Just when I think Urvah's taken a break from her grind, she pops up with another project, & another, & another!

Yea, she does impress me. With her fusion of world music, Rock & Hip Hop, Urvah usually manages to drop wonderful & personal lyrics into memorable instrumentals & create head bopping songs.

Having written about her a couple of times & listening to her songs, I can't help but wonder if this particular song is directed at her estranged family members (well, that's what I picked up), or a scorned lover. Hmmm. So, while I don't over-think her lyrics, this song's got that "umph" to it, especially when the chorus hits! So much for "Storm clouds", this song sounds like a cool summer.

Cop a listen to her track, which is part of her next EP, Entr'acte (an intermission or interlude, hmmm, very interesting).

Storm Clouds - Urvah Khan by URVmusic

Catch her on:


Peace! Yuh!
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